Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

I have recently discovered all things The Haunting of Sunshine Girl.  I first found it in the bookstore.  It is a paranormal teen fiction novel, about a 16 year old girl who moves into a haunted house and must solve the mystery of it before the worst happens.  It's a well written and interesting story that leaves the reader wanting to read the next installment.

Now the interesting thing about this book series is the fact that it is based on the YouTube channel of the same name.  When the YouTube channel was created it was posted as if a real teenage girl calling herself Sunshine was dealing with a haunted house.  After a few years of posting to the channel Sunshine told the world that her real name was Paige McKenzie and The Haunting of Sunshine Girl was really a fictional show being posted to YouTube.  

Seeing as how I was introduced to Sunshine Girl through the book I knew going into the YouTube channel that it wasn't actually real.  I found both Sunshine and her mother to come across as real and believable, when watching it as if it were really happening.  Although, 90% of the extra people added to the show, such as Creepy Lady/Victoria and the medium Alistair, to be completely fake and unbelievable in the real world.  All in all if you like teen fiction and watch YouTube than I recommend that you watch The Haunting of Sunshine Girl YouTube channel.  And of course you must, must, read the book.

That is all, for now.

TNT (Till Next Time),
Words by Ali

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